Anarchist Black Shield Free School Project

This is a brief explanation of the Anarchist Black Shield (ABS) Free School project. If you have come to this page from a science-oriented source rather than something related to radical politics, you may be confused what this has to do with anarchism. If you peruse the zines section and read the ABS manifesto and the “What is Liberation?” zine, you will get a rough introduction to my idea of anarchism or nonhierarchical living (in the sense of political and interpersonal power) as an emergent property of complex systems in which individual autonomy or positive freedom is maximized. Just as Conway’s Game of Life was of interest in explaining the emergence of life, I think my extensive work and writing on this idea will culminate in some similar experiment that will be of interest in explaining the emergence of an ethical society, something that should be of interest to us all if we want to see science continue in the universe rather than meet its demise which will be inevitable if humans do not find a way to solve multitude collective action problems that we are mired in, the least of which are a good many potential ecological catastrophes bearing down on us. Spinoza’s project of an objective ethics does not have to be relegated to an armchair curiosity but instead, as systems science has done with many subjects previously seen as inexplicable even down to that ultimate controversy that has plagued scientists for hundreds of years– that of determinism and free will— the project of objective ethics or as I will characterize it, ethics from which emerges optimized positive freedom or maximized autonomy in the universe, is actually the key to the long term survival of the human race as well as whether or not our subsequent colonization of space proves to be more like the spread of a virus or the caretaking of stewardship. I explain this much more and back it up with burgeoning systems science concepts in “What is Liberation?” Keep in mind, however, it is written to be accessible to all types, and a more formal scientific treatment couched in the terms of systems science is still in the works, something I’ve had in the wings for a few years now. With no further ado, here is the explanation of the project that will be necessary to further develop these lines of research as well as pursue a liberated existence more optimized for long term survival and the minimization of suffering in the universe, the consequentialist’s ultimate project.

This project is meant to come to fruition after the goals of the End-CoP program are met. The EnD-CoP project seeks to lay the groundwork for basic methods of nonhierarchical, self-sustaining cohabitation, so that the methods produced can provide the Free School project with a method of operation that has some experimental evidence of its efficacy toward its goals, allowing us to avoid the pitfalls around consensus and coordination that have brought down so many anarchist projects through internal divisions and disagreements that seemed irreconcilable. In short, the EnD-CoP program (Engineering, Deprogramming, Communication, Protection) is meant to be a collection of methods, blueprints, templates, databases, and recipes that will allow any community to begin moving toward a sustainable, horizontal community structure that can defend itself and communicate effectively with the outside world. As you will see, this is integral groundwork for the final phase of Anarchist Black Shield: the Free School project.

The goal of the Free School is to design sustainable living solutions for its members so their time can be freed up to teach and research at the school. While we hope to have diverse areas of study, the most important project will be the Solar Sail Scouts project: teams of engineers, physicists, and computer programmers will be sending massive numbers of scouting drones into space to prospect asteroids and collect other valuable data to sell to asteroid mining companies and other space industries. This money in turn will go to fund expansion of the free school. The most important tenet of the free school is that it will be a research institution which *does not* retain intellectual property rights to your research as a student (as anarchists, we are staunchly opposed to the idea of intellectual property in all its forms). We feel that if we leave the students to use their research conducted on our campus and in our labs in whatever way they choose, that freedom will in turn benefit us as ideas can be applied in more diverse and experimental settings, generating income and resources that will then partly in turn be shared with the school for further development, as one of our points of unity is mutual aid and all members of ABS projects write letters of intent indicating how they share the values of the project described in the points of unity. You can help support this endeavor by buying some of our merch, which we have screenprinted ourselves in the past but until we replace our stolen screenprinting equipment, we will be having CafePress print the products, with the percentage of the profit we receive from them going directly to the downpayment on the Free School property. We hope to put a downpayment on the property by the end of next year. If you would like to donate or lend screenprinting equipment or help screenprint our merch, let us know as this would be a huge help! We want to again start making these products ourselves and selling them at the shows we table as well as Portland local events like Last Thursday, because we redye recycled shirts to print on, which both increases our profits and upholds our ideals regarding conservation.

We are still seeking members that have a desire to do the less flashy, behind the scenes parts of organizing, like planning benefit shows, screenprinting merch, holding public reading and discussion forums, giving trainings and skillshares, designing and programming technological infrastructure, generating interest targeted both at skilled and unskilled labor from farming to engineering and robotics, seeking philanthropists and funding, performing research geared toward designing architecture, robotics, and permaculture that can together liberate collective members from the need to perform labor for survival necessities, seeking lab equipment and securing members with qualifications necessary to acquire and handle legally restricted resources such as wet lab chemicals and other laboratory equipment, finding legal representation, generating a cache of defense tools, writing up points of unity for collective members specific to the use and aims of their research to create a free and mutually beneficial relationship between school and student.After we raise enough money and buy the acreage we will need folks for maintaining the bitnation embassy which will function as a hostel for radical travelers and place of respite for the vulnerable and destitute, staffing the infoshop at the headquarters, teaching and bringing new educators into the collective and seeking radical students with promising research agendas. While the science will bring the funding, we hope to have educators of all walks including those with experience in social work and sociological research to help classify and characterize various forms of oppressive behavior and experiment and develop the best methods for deprogramming it. If you would like to get involved with this project especially if you can aid in any of the areas mentioned, please feel free to email us at